Mixology is a true art form, where creativity, knowledge, and taste come together to create the perfect Bar Du Soleil menu.

Our team understands this and we take pride in our new signature cocktail menu, where each drink is unique, delicious, impressive and completely one of a kind.

This is exactly why Bar Du Soleil is considered by many one of the best bars in Limassol. 

If you are seeking to experience the ultimate Limassol nightlife then our bar should be your number one destination, and if you are looking to taste the best cocktails in town then it should be your only destination.

But without further ado, let’s explore how our cocktails put us at the top of the best cocktail bars in Limassol.

The Importance of Amazing Cocktails and Mixology

Like master chefs, mixologists develop amazing blends from unique or unusual ingredients to present reimagined flavors and experiences. So, if you can still remember the first sip of your latest cocktail experience, now you know who to thank!

Cocktails are not just a drink to sip on while out with your friends. They are a full body and mind experience and our mixologists at Bar Du Soleil know this well.

The very first drop that hits your tastebuds can take you on a journey of taste and texture while at the same time can transport your senses.   

Each of the Signature cocktails of the Bar Du Soleil menu is carefully crafted by our experienced mixologists who strive to create a unique experience for you.

The Local Commander

The Local Commander is a must-try for anyone looking to taste the flavors of Cyprus. 

This Bar Du Soleil signature cocktail features the famous local wine Commandaria, combined with some distinctively tasteful coffee and orange bitters. 

As Commandaria is one of the oldest wine recipes in the world, you know this cocktail has got to be amazing. 

With bold yet sweet tones of dried dates and figs against the sharp flavors of coffee and orange bitters, this cocktail perfectly captures the essence of Cyprus. 

The Local Commander is not only unique in taste but also interesting in presentation. Served in a traditional Cypriot brikki with a sprig of rosemary, coffee beans and star anise, the entire cocktail is the perfect way to enjoy Cyprus’ rich cultural heritage.

Candy Cloud

If you’re looking for a cocktail that is both sexy and delicious, then the Candy Cloud is a superb choice.

Made from premium perfectly smooth vodka and crisp splashes of prosecco, it’s sure to take you for a spin. Garnished with everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure – the cotton candy – this new Bar Du Soleil signature cocktail will enchant you. 

The Candy Cloud cocktail is not only visually stunning but also tastes like the imaginary world of seductive unicorns.

Are you looking for the true showstopper item on the Bar Du Soleil menu? Then this is it! 

…and we promise that will impress anyone lucky enough to try it. 

All you have to do is go to the Bar Du Soleil online reservations page, book yourself a table at one of the best bars in Limassol and enjoy the cocktail with all your heart. 

Sake Nurio

Don’t you just love it when everyone has their eyes on you or on your…Bar Du Soleil signature cocktail? 

The Sake Nurio is a signature cocktail that promises to keep all eyes glued in your direction.

Based on Sake and a few splashes of melon and lime, this cocktail takes you on a fruity adventure that is both refreshing and delicious. Utterly perfect for a spring night out in Limassol!

Sake with a smooth and delicate flavor blended with melon’s sweetness and the lime’s acidic tones creates a mixture of flavors that are beautifully balanced, while the Sake adds a unique Japanese twist. 

The Bar Du Soleil menu is famous for its cocktails but it’s also famous for the peculiar cocktail mugs our cocktails come in!

This Japanese-inspired cocktail is served in one of the most exciting mugs yet, but for the details, well, you need to book your table today.

Popcorn Sour

If you think popcorn is just for the movies then think again! 

If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind taste in your drink then Popcorn Sour is IT.

This signature cocktail is made with premium Bourbon as its base, combined with lemon juice, and the actual taste of popcorn. The result is a creamy, sour, and nutty drink that is both delicious and memorable.

You can now enjoy the forever-favorite movie snack in a glass at Limassol’s most peculiar bar!

So what do you say? Do we meet tonight? At Old Port in Limassol, let’s say around 8 pm! We will be waiting for you!

An Exceptional Menu For Our Exceptional Crowd

If you are wondering where to go in Limassol for an unforgettable experience then Bar Du Soleil should be on top of your list. 

Each drink on our menu is a true work of art. Mindfully crafted by our expert mixologists who are absolutely passionate about their work.

From the Local Commander crafted specifically to represent Cyprus to the Candy Cloud created to simply take you back to your childhood when tasting candy cloud was the highlight of the day, our entire Bar Du Soleil Menu is sure to leave an unforgettable impression. 

So, next time you’re in Limassol, make sure to stop by Bar Du Soleil and experience the art of mixology firsthand.