Feel the sand. Experience the sea. Taste the ocean.

These are a few key phrases the city’s new “hottest” attraction identifies with. It goes by the name of Plage Du Soleil, and as you might have guessed, it’s Bar Du Soleil’s newest addition, which resides on the sandy beach of Lady’s Mile, in Limassol, where Nissos used to be.

Even though the information out there about the beach restaurant/bar is still a bit secretive, there are a few points that you might be interested in.

The Plage Du Soleil Vibe – a combination of an elegant yet relaxing environment that takes you back to the roots of the Aegean ambiance alongside hints of a more ethnic atmosphere.

The Food – the best of the best. Authentic Aegean Cuisine, at its finest. Fresh fish, oysters, mollusks, and much more. Prepared in the most time-honored and authentic way possible.

The Parties – Plage Du Soleil will surely host parties, especially on the beautiful summer Sundays at Lady’s Mile. However, the frequency, intensity, and vibe, are yet to be determined.

Most importantly, the thing you need to take out of the above, is that “Plage Du Soleil” is in town now to get you to live the experience. Feel the sand. Experience the sea. Taste the ocean.

From fresh mouthwatering food to vibrant music, and incomparable service, Plage Du Soleil is bound to be one of the hottest attractions of the Summer of 2023, and the ones to follow.

So, without further ado, “Sea You Soon”.

Follow Plage Du Soleil now: instagram.com/plagedusoleil_limassol/

Website of Plage Du Soleil: plagedusoleil.com/

Email of Plage Du Soleil: rsvp@plagedusoleil.com

Phone Number of Plage Du Soleil: +357 96 689 697