On Thursday, 16th of February, Bar Du Soleil welcomed the Carnival season in Limassol with one of the greatest Tsiknopemti – or Smoky Thursday – parties ever! 

But the Tsiknopemti party was not the only one on the famous Bar Du Soleil Party list! 

Every year our team organizes the wildest carnival celebrations and every year people join us for an unforgettable carnival season! 

People from all over the island gather together at Limassol’s most peculiar bar and celebrate with us like never before. 

Have you visited Bar Du Soleil in carnival mode? Consider this your open invitation. 

Tsiknopempti Party

On the 16th of February, the Bar Du Soleil in Limassol was transformed into a vibrant and colorful carnival paradise. 

As soon as our guests entered the bar, they couldn’t help but notice the new outfit our Bar wore for this special occasion. Upon the arrival of each of our guests, our hosting team warmly welcomed and seated them at the best tables. 

Our guests couldn’t help but enjoy and dance to the rhythm of the music all day and night long. 

Our set menu for Thursday’s event was our famous meat platter which is a bar stable every Tsiknopempti of every year! 

And let us get you in on a little secret…EVERYONE loves it!

The Bar Du Soleil atmosphere was enhanced by talented performers who joined us for a day full of fun, food, and – of course – dancing! 

Our DJs set the tone of the entire event with the ultimate carnival and dance music and by the end of the night NOBODY was sitting!

This was only the beginning… 

Weekend Parties

Carnival Begins Party

Every year during the Carnival season Limassol becomes even more alive and Bar Du Soleil becomes the beating heart of the city. 

Our Carnival Begins party on the 17th of February was hosted by DJ Sotiris. Our guest DJ was entertaining our guests all night long with his funky tunes and upbeat melodies. 

Together we listened to all the latest hits and kept the dance floor packed ALL NIGHT LONG. The night was highlighted by our delicious Signature cocktail menu and our tasteful new food menu. 

Carnival Party – 18th Of February

The parties at Bar Du Soleil in Limassol NEVER stop! Another carnival party at the Bar welcomed our guests on the 18th of February with Manic Maik on the decks!

Our Bar team together with all the amazing Bar Du Soleil goers savored every moment with our perfectly Instagrammable cocktails and dishes.

Carnival Party – 19th Of February

At Bar Du Soleil we ended the first week of festivities just like we started it…with another out-of-this-world party!

We grabbed our masks and our friends, and we danced the night away with our guests as we were transforming the bar into a vibrant and colorful circus.

Our people celebrated with Manic Maik and together we created an unforgettable night!

Don’t Miss Another Party!

Get ready to let loose and have a blast at Bar Du Soleil’s Carnival Parties!

As the Carnival festivities progress we make sure that Bar Du Soleil in Limassol is turning up the heat and bringing the excitement of a carnival right to our bar.

Adding to the Bar Du Soleil Experience – Carnival Edition – we are offering an extensive selection of delicious drinks. Of course, our delicious new food menu by our lovely 2 Michelin Star Angelos Lantos wouldn’t miss the party!

The Closing Parties will be WILD so reserve your spot online TODAY!

And don’t forget to dress in your brightest colors and get ready for a three-day kind of party full of laughter!