Today, we’re going on an exciting journey through the enchanting realm of Bar Du Soleil in Limassol.

Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience where every cocktail is a vibrant character in a thrilling story.

So, get ready for a flavor-packed voyage, and let’s meet the dazzling stars of the show – Bar Du Soleil’s signature cocktails!

The Irresistible Charm of Signature Cocktails

At Bar Du Soleil Limassol, mixology isn’t just an art; it’s pure magic.

Each cocktail is a masterpiece, crafted with passion, precision, and a sprinkle of enchantment. Today, you’re not just a guest; you’re about to become part of their extraordinary story.

Unveiling the Bar Du Soleil Signatures

It’s time to unveil the pièce de résistance, the heart and soul of Bar Du Soleil Limassol – our star-studded lineup of signature cocktails.

Imagine a grand premiere where the red carpet stretches out before you, leading to a world of unparalleled taste and elegance.

Greek Spritz – Where Aperol Meets Myth

Imagine the beloved Aperol Spritz, but now, envision it with a Mediterranean twist.

The Greek Spritz is your passport to a sublime journey. It retains the dry and sweet notes of the classic but with a Greek premium wine infusion. Close your eyes, and you’re lounging by the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean, sipping on this exquisite elixir.

It’s what the Aperol Spritz would’ve been if it had Greek origins. With a premium Greek wine at its heart, it’s a sip of pure Hellenic elegance.

Sake Nurio – Your Spotlight Moment

If you yearn for the spotlight, the Sake Nurio is your time to shine.

This signature cocktail is a dazzling showstopper. With every sip, it commands attention, stealing the limelight effortlessly. Crafted with the delicate essence of Sake and infused with zesty melon and lime, it’s a fruity and sensational journey for your taste buds. 

Be ready for the curious gazes and inquiries of “What’s that delicious cocktail you’re sipping on?” 

Let this cocktail be your charming companion at the bar, and watch the magic unfold.

Karidaki Old Fashion – Tradition Meets Cyprus Charm

For those who cherish tradition but crave a thrilling twist, we present the Karidaki Old Fashion

It’s the classic Old Fashioned but with a uniquely Cypriot twist. Picture a smoky aroma that gracefully dances around your glass and a robust, boozy flavor that warms your soul. This signature cocktail embodies the timeless essence of the Old Fashioned with a local touch that’s pure Cyprus.

It’s a sip of the island, served with sophistication.

Reserve Your Place in the Narrative

Now that you’ve met our captivating cocktail characters, it’s your turn to step into the limelight

Imagine yourself as the protagonist in a thrilling tale of taste, tradition, and tantalizing twists. Here’s to raising your glass and toasting to the exceptional!

Are you seeking extraordinary experiences in Limassol? Then Bar Du Soleil is the place for you. 

Reserve your spot and become part of this electrifying story.