Wondering where to go this holiday season?

Ranked amongst the most exciting places to be in Limassol, Bar Du Soleil is a bar with a unique and strong character and delivers one-of-a-kind experiences every holiday season! 

We pride ourselves on throwing the best parties in town! So, this holiday season we arranged a series of extraordinary shows with some of the most exciting performances you can experience! 

Explore the ultimate Holiday Parties List we have created for you and choose the top parties for you! 

The Christmas Weekend

The Christmas Eve Party 

Bar Du Soleil Party List Christmas Eve Party

Starting off the party season with the one and only Peculiar Christmas Eve Party for our peculiarly lovely guests! On the 24th of December, we will be waiting for you at 8 pm so get your party clothes ready and let’s meet!

Be prepared! Every year we take it up a notch, and with this party, we are only getting started! 

The Christmas Party

Bar Du Soleil Parties In Limassol Where to go Christmas Party

This holiday season the parties just keep getting better! Next on the list would be – of course – the Christmas Party. On the 25th of December, Bar Du Soleil puts on a show for you at 8 pm so don’t miss it. Reserve your table online because the holidays just began and it’s time to party hard! 

The Boxing Day Party 

Where to go on boxing day in Limassol

Next on the party list would be none other than the Boxing Day Party. This one is for all of you who really don’t want to let the Peculiar Christmas Spirit go! Reserve your table for the 26th of December at 8 pm and let’s say goodbye to the Christmas weekend in the most Bar Du Soleil way possible. 

The New Year’s Weekend

The New Year’s Eve Party 

Bar Du Soleil Party Parties In Limassol New Year's Eve

Ready to leave 2022 to the past? Let’s do it together, and let’s do it properly!

We are ending the year with a bang by throwing the best party in town! The party of the year – literally – will happen on the 31st of December starting at 8 pm. Reserve your table for the New Year’s Eve Party and let’s celebrate with champagne and lots of dancing! 

The New Year’s Party 

Bar Du Soleil Where to go on Christmas and New Year's

Do you know what comes after the New Year’s Eve Party? You guessed it. The New Year’s Celebration! 

As genuine party hosts, and in a true Bar Du Soleil fashion we have an extra party on our sleeve. Our New Year’s resolutions are all about having a great time! So, what’s yours? We would love to hear them! Reserve your table for the New Year’s Party on the 1st of January at 12:30 am and tell us all about your New Year’s resolutions. 

Christmas Eve Party – 24/12 8 pm 

Christmas Day Party – 25 12 8 pm

Boxing Day Party – 26/12 8 pm

New Year’s Eve Party – 31/12 8 pm

New Years Party – 1/1 12:30 am

Choose your party, reserve your table here, and see you at the bar for some unforgettable experiences!