Bar Du Soleil is undoubtedly among the peoples’ favorite hot spots for brunch in Limassol. The brand new Brunch Menu created by the 2 Michelin Star Chef, Angelos Lantos, our new Instagrammable dishes will become your new addiction!

Brunch represents more than just another trend or even a meal. Specifically, brunch in Limassol represents a social experience. Looking beyond this Instagram worthy meal, there is something much deeper than just a passing trend. 

Brunch is a bonding ritual between people and a deep social situation, which is reviving the art of conversation.

Brunch in Limassol is the fusion of your deliciously nutritious breakfast and mouth watering lunch!

The New Experience

Brunch Menu At Bar Du Soleil

The goal of our new menu, is to offer you a brand-new tasting experience. 

Our brunch menu is now introducing you to a new combination of aromas, flavors, and textures while carrying you all around the world with every bite.

This new arrangement and renewal of the Bar Du Soleil experience and menu manages to deliver to you a completely contemporary touch. At the same time, this transition has ensured our bar’s place amongst one of the most exciting Limassol bars. 

But, how did the bar menu actually change? Let’s get into the juicy details!

Brunch – A Tale

It’s likely you’ve been to, or at least heard of, brunch in Limassol over the last few years. The story of brunch is the story of changing patterns in how people around the world eat, live and interact. 

Breakfast isn’t the family affair it used to be. This mighty fall has opened the door for many breakfast foods to be eaten on the weekends when schedules aren’t quite as tight, and cravings have built up over the course of the week. Thus creating the ‘brunch culture’ as we know it.

Brunch menus by nature offer a broad choice, and usually there is something for everyone. However, at Bar Du Soleil, our brunch menu takes inclusivity to a whole new level and leaves none of your preferences behind.

From vegetarian and vegan to fitness dishes, the menu has it all! 

Our new brunch menu keeps in mind one of the most important aspects of Brunch. It’s not only about the breakfast, it is also about the lunch. Part breakfast, part lunch, equals BRUNCH!

With no further ado, it’s time to find your favorite brunch dish and create your very own Bar Du Soleil experience.

The Toasts

Brunch on Toast

There’s something about a slice of toast that’s so comforting, we use it in many of our brunch dishes! A toast can be crunchy, fluffy, or a complete heaven when combined with the perfect ingredients. 

If you love having a good brunch in Limassol as much as we do, and are into having something a bit more savory in the mornings, then stop looking!

Do you like poached eggs with some delicious guacamole, served with tasty bread and fresh salad? Then the Guacamole Poached Eggs dish is the one for you!

What about some red peppers, tomato, and flavorful spices to give you that kick in the morning? The answer is simple: Shakshuka Eggs!

Healthy Brunch

Do you prefer easy-to-eat mouthwatering sandwiches? Amazing! Take a bite of the ultimate Tsoureki Sandwich!

The Pancakes

Sweet pancakes in Limassol

What about pancakes, though? A great brunch menu never misses out on great pancakes! 

Pancakes rose to fame due to their ability to be adaptable, fully customizable, and incredibly filling! They can be made with a variety of ingredients and flavors, making them perfect for breakfast, lunch, or you know… BRUNCH!

Do you prefer sweet pancakes, or the savory ones are what please your taste buds? No matter the case, we got BOTH!

With Savory Pancakes you get delicious ham, crispy bacon, cheese, fresh tomato, and of course fried eggs highlighted by hollandaise sauce!

Pancakes for brunch

On the other hand, if you have a sweet tooth, our Sweet Pancakes are a must! Glazed hazelnut praline, you can top off your pancakes with strawberries or banana – up to you. 

The Fitness

Salmon Poke Bowl At Bar Du Soleil Limassol

It kind of goes without saying that if you’re going to get up early on the weekend to exercise, you’re going to eat a delicious brunch afterward. Not only is it the perfect way to refuel after a great workout, it’s also a bit of a bonding activity with your friends!

The Bar Du Soleil experience includes a special section in the menu for all of you who just love to eat healthy. You can choose your favorite dish among the five options we have made just for you!

With dishes like the Fitness Omelette made out of egg whites, the Virtual Scrambled Eggs made out of tofu, or the Salmon Poke Bowl which speaks for itself, Bar Du Soleil has created some of the healthiest options you can find. 

If you prefer something a bit more sugary but still super healthy, then our Coconut Granola Bowl or the Fresh Fruit Yoghurt Bowl are the best choice for you! The two bowls can become your favorite vegan dishes since you have the option to replace the yoghurt with coconut one! 

Fitness Brunch Bowls

Our menu truly has something for everyone. Just one visit will get you addicted!

An Alternative Bar Du Soleil Experience

Bar Du Soleil Brunch Menu

Brunch in Limassol, and Cyprus in general, has come a long way. It has become one of the favorite meals – and experiences – for everyone on the island, from locals to just visitors. 

This ‘new’ tradition comes in many variations, depending on chefs’ imagination, and inspiration. In Bar Du Soleil’s case, the 2 Michelin Star chef has let himself to fully immerse into the Cyprus culture, thus creating genuinely magical dishes for all of you to enjoy. 

Our bar ensures maximum quality for your extraordinary experience by including local products and fresh ingredients. These combinations allow us to create amazing brunch feasts, while offering a true taste of Cyprus’ gastronomic traditions.

Find the generous mood and hospitable character of the island reflected in the Bar Du Soleil atmosphere as well as in the menu. So, if you’re reading this right now, consider this article your sign to reserve your table and take in the full Bar Du Soleil experience.

See you at brunch!