A strong menu for a Bar in Limassol is made up of more than delicious bites and a selection of drinks. Great design, an evolving drink list, perfectly stylized dishes, and a regularly updated menu full of surprises, are the key to the ultimate bar experience!

Here at Bar Du Soleil, we make sure that our edgy interiors and unique components create an astounding first impression. However, we do know it’s the menu that ultimately keeps bringing you back to our peculiar Bar. This is precisely why we update it regularly, so we can bring to you the best-crafted cocktails and the most delicious food you can find in Limassol Bars!

Speaking of cocktails, dishes, flavors, and menus let’s dive into the new additions to our Bar Du Soleil Menu. We know you can’t wait to find out, so let us give you a hint: Thoughtfully crafted cocktails and deliciously-made dishes with the freshest ingredients Cyprus has!


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Elegance

Crafted with top-shelf Gin as its base, the Elegance cocktail is mixed with lemon juice, strawberry purée, pineapple juice, cranberry bitters, and fresh raspberries, with a top-up of prosecco and pink grapefruit soda. 

What to expect from this cocktail? As soon as the liquid summer touches your tongue, you will notice a sweet and refreshing taste. Highlighted with sour notes, the aftertaste is just perfectly rounded, leaving you with full-body summer chills. Its mouth-feel? Fizzy and fruity, just like a day at the beach!

Are you elegant enough?   


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Mediterranean Touch

This delicious recipe for a contemporary Mediterranean cocktail gives your evening apéritif an exotic edge. The spectacular Mediterranean Touch cocktail has as a base Mastiha liqueur, and it is mixed with fresh lemon, sugar, and rhubarb bitters and topped up with Three Cents Gentleman’s soda.

This specific Mastiha liqueur is a Greek homemade spirit made on the Mastiha Island itself; Chios. With earthly sweet and sour tones, this cocktail blends together strong flavors and the unique aroma of the Mastiha.



Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Soleil De Mer

The spectacular Soleil De Mer cocktail is made with Vodka, mixed with fresh raspberries, and lemon juice. To top off all that greatness in a glass, the most delicious pink grapefruit soda is added to complete that fruity flavor. 

We guarantee that sipping on that cocktail while sitting at Bar Du Soleil will make you forever appreciate the little moments in life. A cocktail so refreshing, earthy, and tropical the only thing left to do is cling our glasses together, toasting the moment!



Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Bad Habits

Is it that time of the day? Alright then, gather your friends and let’s meet at Bar Du Soleil for a cocktail therapy starting with… you guessed it. The Bad Habits cocktail!  Mixed with Yuzu liqueur and a touch of tequila to solve your problems, this impeccable cocktail will bring you down to earth with its delicious and earthly flavorful notes. 

The unique Yuzu liqueur originates from a citrus fruit that grows in Japan, so along with your cocktail therapy, you get to travel the world. That is some top-notch therapy session right there! Our Bad Habits cocktail is mixed with some peach bitters and a touch of pineapple soda to add the extra sweetness, you have the perfect cocktail for your new “Bad Habit.” 

So, gather around, and let’s cheer to that!


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Gin Basil Mule

For our Gin lovers out there, Bar Du Soleil has the perfect summer cocktail for you. Made with our most exclusive Gin, the Gin Basil Mule is mixed with fresh lemon juice, sugar, orange liqueur, and – of course – basil leaves to complement that summery cocktail!

Topped up with ginger beer for that extra fruitiness, this cocktail is the ultimate refreshment and the perfect introduction to your amazing evening at the best Bar in Limassol! What to expect from this fantastic cocktail? Orange notes, sweet and sour feel, and a spicy aftertaste!

Bottoms up!


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - South 8

Specially crafted to please our vodka drinkers, the South 8 is a tropically balanced fruity cocktail that will please even the most demanding drinkers! The South 8 vodka-based cocktail is mixed with Aperol, fresh lemon, passion fruit purée, and pineapple juice and in this case, the cherry on top would be cherry soda!

What to expect from this cocktail? Notes of sweetness will hit your palette with a subtle sour aftertaste and an undeniable fruity aroma, thus creating the ultimate combination of a sweet and sour yet fruity cocktail. 

This summer season will be epic, just make sure you choose the RIGHT cocktail!


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Greek Julep

This may look like a standard julep but inside that tin cup is a delicious secret: lime, ginger, aaandddd whiskey. The Bar Du Soleil “Greek Julep” is a whiskey-based cocktail mixed with Greek brandy spirits, ginger purée, fresh lemon, and topped up with ginger beer.

The Greek Julep is different from the other cocktails on this list. Why? This cocktail is specifically crafted for the adventurous drinkers of our bar. It is made for the experimenters who are looking for that extra strong, extra spicy, extra sour taste!

Are you an adventurer, too? 


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Tiki Toko

Here’s the first thing you need to know when we’re talking about tiki cocktails: They are epically delicious as they are fun to look at! Last on our Bar Du Soleil New Additions list is the Tiki Toko cocktail! To our Cypriot customers, we know it sounds funny but let’s just say, this cocktail is going to stay in your memory forever, and not because of its name!

The Tiki Toko is a rum-based cocktail that brings to you the most exotic flavors a cocktail can have. Mixed-aged and white rums with juicy passion fruit, fresh lemon juice, pineapple juice, and mango purée result in the most refreshing tiki cocktail you’ve ever tasted. What to expect from this cocktail? Let’s just say that this magical cocktail will be your go-to for the rest of the summer!

Reserve your table and your Tiki Toko will be expecting you at your favorite table!


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Black Angus Beef Bacon Burger

Tasty, delicious, and has me craving more on the first bite.” and “Juicy, mouthwatering, tasty, and everything you’d ever want to savor.” are just some of the comments we got on our brand-new burger addition. The Black Angus Beef Bacon Burger is a super juicy, extra tasty, out-of-this-world burger that can only be found on the Bar Du Soleil menu!

Once you bite into our glorious brioche bread, you can immediately recognize the melted cheddar cheese taste embracing your taste buds. Up next is the crispy yet fluffy bacon crunching into your mouth combined with the cheese flavor. For that freshness kick, you need in a burger, our chef only uses the plumpest tomatoes, fresh salad, crunchy pickles, and onion for a perfectly completed burger. Of course, the king of the show would be the juiciest black Angus patty you’ve ever had. 

Served with sweet potatoes and mayonnaise, this burger is one of a kind, so come to the bar, and taste greatness instead of just reading about it!


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Tacos Falafel

To our friends who prefer something a little more down-to-earth, worry not, the Bar Du Soleil crew has not forgotten about you! On our brand-new menu, you can find a little something that will please every piece of your vegetarian soul!

Of course, the dish is none other than the famous Falafel Tacos. Falafel is one of those foods that everybody loves. It’s a life-saver for vegetarians and let’s be real, you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy this amazing Falafel dish

The Bar Du Soleil Falafels are everything a great falafel should be: crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, nicely spiced, and very, very green. Our whole grain tacos are stuffed with falafel alongside avocado mouse, eggplant, sesame oil, cherry comfy, and sauce coriander.

Perfectly healthy, fantastically delicious, uniquely marvellous Tacos Falafel. 


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Black Angus Beef Steak Sandwich

What is amazing, delicious, and never goes out of style? The brand-new Bar Du Soleil Black Angus Beef Steak Sandwich – of course – and from what we’ve heard this is, by far, one of the best steak sandwiches ever! 

The “OH MY GOD IT’S SO GOOD” addition has the Black Angus Beef as its protagonist, seasoned with an incredible blend of spices before being cooked to perfection. Tucked into village bread and cloaked with cheddar cheese, this sandwich is definitely giving off the “OH LA LA” vibes of Bar Du Soleil. Served with chimichurri sauce and sweet potatoes, this steak sandwich will leave you speechless. 


Bar Du Soleil - Best Bar In Limassol - Baklava Orange Cream

After all these additions, it is finally time for dessert, right? Whether you are looking to treat yourself, top off a Bar Du Soleil meal in style or celebrate a special occasion, nothing will hit the spot quite like baklava! The sweet, crispy baklava we know and love comes in a variety of different flavors in every city in the world.

Of course, Bar Du Soleil has created its own version of the beloved Baklava dessert. From its thin, flaky caramelized pastry sheet and decadent filling cream with Tonka flavor to that perfect homemade orange cream, with fresh blueberry on top, baklava is as close as your taste buds will get to heaven on earth.


So, what is the secret of a successful bar in Limassol after all? 

From experience, let us assure you it’s not just the menu. It is the entire customer experience, from greeting to gratuity, from the first impression to the interiors, the staff’s appearance, and manners. Making a great first impression is a tough game but at Bar Du Soleil we make sure that your experience is as unforgettable as it is unique every single time.