The place? Old port, Limassol, Bar Du Soleil. 

The hour? Sunrise. The theme? Magical creatures!

Now the day shines its first vivid light. There’s a subtle, and yet mesmerizing pinch of sea salt fragrance in the air. 

As the daylight shines bright, it shines a light on an interior so well designed, that is dangerously addictive, and gives life to peculiar things… and even creatures! An interior that hosts, not only guests but also… magical creatures. Interior that has a mind of its own. An interior that is literally, alive.

With every corner, being unique, and every detail being peculiar, our bar is the perfect place for the magical creatures…

With music that follows the heart-betting beat of probably the greatest Bar in Limassol, they come alive, day and night in our bar. They come alive, only if you care to notice…!

So without further ado, our story begins with 3 alluring creatures that inhabit our peculiar bar in the heart of Limassol – the Old Port.

The Devoted Security – Soleis

Visit Bar Du Soleil and meet the most famous security guard in Limassol.

His background before becoming a peculiar creature and security at the best Bar in Limassol?

He comes from a long line of generations bred and raised as security guards, that live by a single oath: to serve and protect! They live with the sole purpose of keeping their clients safe. 

Legend says, that in their tradition, they undergo intense training that makes their will indestructible. Their training is made of daily strict routines that consist of Observational Deduction, Preservation of Silent Presence, and of course Martial Arts that are beyond human-eye comprehension. 

Soleis experience at our Bar in Limassol is so far uneventful had no issues or problematic nights. The clients that attend Bar Du Soleil, always are 10/10 clients. 

However, as per his quote: “I’ve been doing this many years, and I know that if I stay still long enough, something always happens… In this bar though, everything moves, everything is vibrant, and I know one day I will too!”. – Soleis.

He serves the weak and protects the bar. He looks after our customers and takes care not only of their safety but also safely makes sure they have fun!

Our customers can safely enjoy their drinks, and experience our peculiarly entertaining bar, without having to worry about their safety!

When Soleis is here, the best Bar in Limassol has no need to fear!

The Glamourous Doll – Amy

Visit Bar Du Soleil and meet Amy, she is truly a doll.

While in our Bar in Limassol, you will notice a bewitching presence. That of which is no other than our glamorous Amy!

She is here to create the magical atmospheric environment you feel at our bar, but not just that. She’s also here to be at the forefront of the best bar in Limassol and observe our customer’s behavior!

Amy loves seeing our blissful customers enjoy their endless vibrant nights at Bar Du Soleil, and she works hard, to help them do so. Although customer experience is her number one priority, she also adores attention. She is a fool for endless stares and flirty conversations!

“The one thing I love more than being at the best Bar in Limassol is our clients. Our beautiful believers and followers, give me life and help me create the vibrant atmosphere Bar Du Soleil deserves”. – Amy.

Her background? We were kidney requested from her directly, to keep it as a mystical part of her exotic presence. 

However, if you’re intrigued, feel free to flirt with her and find out!

The Vigorous Monkey – Luffy

Luffy, the naughtiest monkey around the bar.

Energetic entertainment at its best – This sentence is what exactly describes our beloved Monkey friend, Luffy!

While he comes in many forms and has many different spots in both our hearts and our bar, he shares one particular passion with us: his love for the Best Bar in Limassol!

Luffy comes from a tropical island hidden far far far away island, far from any sign of human civilization. His species of Golden Monkeys, peculiarly enough, solely feed on premium Gin. 

Their diverse and alien-like metabolism helps to get all the necessary nutrients only from Gin! This is how he has this immense energy to jump around the whole bar, and even sometimes one would think that he could be at two places at once.

Although he is Bar Du Soleil’s main entertainer, he is also something else. He is is the kindred spirit in all of us. He is our desire to dance to the DJ beats. 

He is the creature-like soul that we crave to be after a few more premium Gins!

The Creatures & The Best Bar in Limassol

Get to meet all the Bar Du Soleil creatures tonight!

Throughout the years we’ve been in business, we noticed that our bar “Creatures” are the ones making our bar in Limassol, ALIVE!

Day, or night, our beloved creatures & friends, are indeed alive. They blink while you do not see, and they jump around peculiarly, to make you believe the magic our bar has to offer!

Their vibrant souls along with Bar Du Soleil’s crew make our bar a unique experience. They bring to life the dullest nights and even make Monday mornings, joyful! 

Although, our three beloved friends, Soleis, Amy, and Luffy, are not the only creatures our Bar has to offer.

Our bar accommodates other mysterious creatures of the night and day! Magical beasts will accompany you on your journey at the Bar Du Soleil…! 

Do you care enough, or are you brave enough to discover them? Care to find out more about our peculiar creatures? Care to see how the interior of the greatest bar in Limassol unravels?

Make your reservation, and ask Soleis to investigate with you: