Are you wondering where to eat in Limassol? This beautiful city not only offers traditional Cypriot cuisine but also wonderful meals from all over the world.

Whether you’re going out for a dinner date or having a lunch break from work, bonding over food has always been engraved in Cyprus culture. Bar Du Soleil’s chef prepares the food wonderfully, presenting you with extraordinary dishes in combination with excellent taste! 

If you’re once again trying to decide where to eat in Limassol to find something that satisfies your taste buds, look no further than Bar Du Soleil.

Are you coming to try out our famously delicious dishes?!

Bar Du Soleil’s Most Popular Dishes

Pear Salad With Manouri

Vegetarian Dishes Bar Du Soleil Limassol

Mixed leaves, fresh pear, and creamy cheesecake-like Manouri Cheese is the ultimate tasting experience! Walnut is the secret ingredient that is winning our guests, topping up with pear compote, sunflower seeds, white vinegar, and balsamic dressing.

Our Pear Salad with Manouri is so refreshing and healthy and when it comes to the flavor, you wouldn’t ever like to have any other salad apart from this one!

Have you ever tried such a salad before?! Well, now you have to!

Tuna Tataki Salad

Healthy Dishes Limassol Where to eat

Are you thinking about fresh red tuna and onion ponzu dressing?! Yeah, so are we and we know exactly where to eat it in Limassol!

Adding mixed salad, fresh baby spinach, and sesame, this amazing combination becomes as refreshing as light! Topping up with seaweed marinade, Tuna Tataki Salad is ready for you to enjoy!

If you enjoy tuna as much as we do, tasting this salad will make you feel it’s the perfect dish! Every single ingredient added to the Tuna Tataki Salad is fresh and the flavor combination is all you have always been dreaming about in life!

Tandoori Chicken Tacos

Where to eat in Cyprus

Have you ever had the chance to taste our famous Tandoori Chicken Tacos?!

This Indian – Mexican fusion inspiration was born at Bar Du Soleil, one of the top restaurants in Limassol! Including tacos dust, pickled veggies, confit chicken harissa, and smoking yuzu yoghurt, we create the top mouthwatering meal for the journey of flavor you’ve always been looking for!

Taking you on a journey from India to Mexico, this taco dish is giving you the flavors of multicultural worlds! Who would have ever thought that tandoori chicken and tacos would create such delicious food?!

If you haven’t tried it yet…they are *chefs kiss*

Tacos Falafel

Bar Du Soleil Reservations

Vegan or not, falafel has long been the majority of people’s favorite, including you!

Whole grain tacos, eggplant, and gorgeous avocado mousse are everything you need for an unforgettable evening on Cyprus island! We add cherry comfy, sesame oil, and who would ever forget our coriander sauce?! Voila, there you go, a delicious dish that is healthy too!

If you love healthy food this is one of the most amazing Tacos Falafel you can have on the whole island! This delicious dish will make you want to come back again, just to have another round of our lovely cuisine.

Beef Tacos

Tacos in Limassol Bar Du Soleil Menu

Our signature beef is what makes all the difference in this delicious recipe.

Along with stuffed tacos, we include Shimeji mushrooms and signature sauce. Adding parmesan and Japanese onion on top, we have the perfect beef tacos for your special celebration.

Whether you’re having dinner after work or just getting together with your friends, beef tacos are your best choice for any kind of celebration.

Try out our beef tacos, have your beers and enjoy an amazing Bar Du Soleil experience with stunning sea views!

Are you coming to have beef tacos with us?

Bar Du Soleil Chicken Club

Bars near me menu

Craving a club sandwich? Bar Du Soleil has one of the best dishes in town! The Bar Du Soleil Chicken Club.

Cream tartufo, parmesan, and tasteful chicken filet, all give an extraordinary feel to the roof of your mouth. Topping up with baby rucola, fresh peppers, and 3 pieces of bread, we have amazing food you won’t find in any other bars in Limassol. Bar Du Soleil Chicken Club is served with sweet potatoes and your favorite tartar sauce.

If you haven’t tried our Bar Du Soleil Chicken Club yet, you’re missing out on a unique opportunity to experience chicken cooked to perfection and delicious bread with a feel that was just baked in the oven.

Black Angus Beef Burger

Best food in Limassol Bar Du Soleil

We can’t imagine a world without brioche buns!

We prepare this gorgeous burger with tasty goat cheese, coleslaw salad, and, of course, fresh peppers! Have this delicious burger while listening to great music with your friends, and don’t forget your drinks.

Our Black Angus Beef Burger gives you a fantastic tasting experience, paired with sweet potatoes and tartar sauce.

In case you didn’t know where to eat in Limassol, now you can come to our bar at any time of the day and test our wonderful Bar Du Soleil menu!

Black Angus Steak Sandwich

Where to eat in Limassol Steak Sandwich

Black Angus Steak Sandwich, have you tried it before? No? Then you definitely should!

Our Black Angus Steak Sandwich has village bread, cheddar, and vegetable sauce. Adding the most delicious chimichurri sauce, we serve you this dish with crunchy sweet potatoes.

Our steak sandwich cannot be compared to any similar dishes almost anywhere in Limassol. If there is something that we are proud of the most, this is our expertly cooked steak, which brings your tasting experience to life.

Black Angus Beef Bacon Burger

Bar Du Soleil Menu Burger

Are you in the mood for a delicious burger but don’t know where to eat in Limassol?

Fortunately for you, at Bar Du Soleil you will find our famous Black Angus Beef Bacon Burger! 

The dish is made of brioche bread, melty cheddar cheese, and bacon cooked to perfection. Topping up with fresh salad, tomato, and pickled onion, we serve your delicious burger with sweet potatoes and the best mayonnaise in town.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good burger? We promise you won’t be disappointed by ours.

Baklava Orange Cream

Where To Eat In Limassol Bar Du Soleil Menu

After all that food talk it is – of course – time for dessert. Finally!

Our caramelized baklava sheets and the fluffy pastry cream are everything you need after your main course! What makes this baklava unique is the Tonka flavor, in combination with our homemade orange cream with fresh blueberries on top.

This baklava is like no other because it combines freshness with quality and tasty ingredients! Baklava Orange Cream is for everyone. Even if you never tasted baklava, you will definitely enjoy this one and have it every time you visit!

Meet You At Bar Du Soleil

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Reserve now and live your best moments at all times and on each occasion in your life! See you at the bar!