Angelos Lantos is the first Greek chef with 2 Michelin stars, Golden Chef’s Hat and other distinctions to his credit. With his refined cuisine art, he has evolved and has raised the level on the gastronomic map.

As a modern and innovative individual, he creates his gastronomic proposals for everyone to enjoy. Until recently he was the Head Chef in one of the best restaurants internationally, in the emblematic restaurant of Athens, Spondi, which is a model of quality and aesthetics.

With a culinary tenure of more than thirty years, after passing through well-known Athenian restaurants, he has now come to one of the best Limassol bars, Bar Du Soleil, for a new adventure!

One of the most influential Chefs in Greece, Now At Bar Du Soleil

Angelos Lantos 2 Star Michelin Chef

In 2018, his name was figured in the list of the 300 best chefs worldwide. 

With discipline and creativity, Angelos Lantos is a calm force that creates dishes that perfectly represent his high executive technique. While exemplary handling of the raw material resulted in an exciting outcome that made him one of the greatest chefs both locally and internationally.

The 2 Michelin Star Chef who is in Cyprus for the first time, famously combines old techniques with modern methods to create an innovative kitchen culture.

He redefines traditions and enriches them with original approaches while boldly combining fresh and rare ingredients with unexpected ideas. 

Today, Angelos Lantos redefines the Bar Du Soleil Menu once and for all.

New Menu with New Experiences

Bar Du Soleil Limassol New Menu

The first and most important goal of the new Bar Du Soleil menu is to introduce you – our guests – to new aromas, flavors, and textures from all over the world! 

This reorganization and renewal of the Bar Du Soleil menu gives it a contemporary feel, ensuring once again its place amongst one of the most exciting Limassol bars. One feels that’s one step ahead of its time.

For Chef Lantos, the ideal night out is to go to a bar and eat a very nice meal. The easiness of this unique experience is something that he wants to share with all Bar Du Soleil avid guests by offering them tasteful flavors with his dishes.

As one of the top cocktail bars in the city, with each new menu launch, we always aim for deliciously enjoyable results. 

Your New Tasting Experience

Bar Du Soleil Limassol Menu

In the United States of America, they have established the culture of “early drinks”. 

“It’s relaxing and enjoyable, so I want to help this culture grow in Limassol by expanding the Bar Du Soleil menu,” explains in our recent interview with the 2 Michelin Star Chef Lantos.

This new change will ensure the bar’s place amongst the ultimate Limassol bars while establishing its new era! The experience of eating at the bar, which is now combined with masterfully made and quality cocktails, is something satisfyingly easy and comfortable. 

By introducing you to our new menu, we aim to evoke your deepest and fondest memories. Memories of different parts of the world you have visited throughout the years. This way, you can feel the menu as your own and taste flavors that remind you of certain parts of your life. 

Watch the interview here:

The Highlights of a Masterpiece Menu

Success in the food industry usually stems from many sources. From top-notch industrial processes to efficient managing practices. However, one central factor has the power to boost a menu. 

This factor is – of course – the quality of the materials.

In Bar Du Soleil’s case, as Chef Lantos states as well, we are in an “advantageous position since our raw material is of excellent quality”. The fresh ingredients we use in the kitchen are the solid base of all the dishes we create for you. 

Of course, equally important is also the process and combinations we make in order to create well-rounded and deliciously excellent dishes.

This creativity of the chef results in unique and special flavors for you to enjoy. 

Bar Du Soleil Takes On the Scenery of the Best Bars in The World

Bar Du Soleil Limassol Menu Brunch

Chef Lantos describes Bar Du Soleil as definitely one of the top Limassol bars and “a very impressive space, with tasteful decorations”.

The most favorite element in the bar is clearly the décor. Not only for Chef Angelos Lantos but for many of you, as we’ve come to know through your reviews.

With eccentric and interesting elements, the space makes you feel that you are always everywhere around the world. Being amongst the most famous Limassol bars for a reason, our space has a distinctive international feeling and when you visit us, you can easily feel like a globe-trotter. 

Bar Du Soleil’s environment brings back memories of your very own travels. That’s why our bar feels so familiar, and that is perhaps one of the reasons why our space has been characterized as one of the most amazing Limassol bars! 

“Having visited hundreds of bars and restaurants as a 2-star Michelin Chef, I have to say that the bar is located in a very beautiful spot in Limassol and it’s very well on its way to compete with bars with a worldwide reputation,” shares Chef Lantos. 

Get Ready To Taste Food Greatness

Our bar’s new menu will be released in early December. 

We wanted the new menu to represent the complexity of our bar’s space as well as the complexity of people in general. Our life genuinely has various notes and flavors and this is exactly what the new menu offers.

Angelos Landos will also be at Bar Du Soleil “to greet the people side by side with the entire Bar Du Soleil team.”

As he states, “I can’t wait to get to know the people of the bar and give them a beautiful culinary experience.

A New Era For Bar Du Soleil

Angelos Lantos has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants, such as “L’Enclume” in England, “Cheval Blanc” in Switzerland and “Flocons de Sel” in France, while he has participated in dozens of Gastronomy Festivals.

Everyone who knows his name, immediately understands that it’s a name-seal in the culinary world.

Today, he has chosen one of the most excellent Limassol bars – Bar Du Soleil – to elevate the experience and deliver a marvellous new menu for all of you to taste and continue enjoying what the Limassol nightlife has to offer.

Get ready for the new menu to drop in early December, but for the details, you’ll have to stay tuned. In the meantime, if you don’t know where to go, our bar’s doors are always open for you!

So, see you at the bar!