The first Sunday of April started just like any other Sunday. Slow, breezy, with beautiful weather and perfectly tasty Bar Du Soleil brunch. 

Yet, the 2nd of April was nothing like a regular Sunday…it was simply epic!

Bar Du Soleil in collaboration with Second Story events has created the ultimate house music experience in Limassol.

The Opening – Vibing With The Music

As our bar was being outfitted with its fancy and shiny outfit for the big Cyprus music event, the Bar Du Soleil team was preparing all the essentials our guests needed.

From the famously delicious cocktails to the seating arrangements just next to the DJ deck, our team had everything planned and ready for one of the hottest Cyprus music events. 

By early afternoon a full-house Bar Du Soleil was dancing with its guests to some of the most electrifying beats of the most exciting DJs in the city. 

DJs  Tania, Repitt and Synthbeat kicked the night off, by sending the crowd into a frenzy with their sick beats and killer mixes.

As the sun was setting, the crowd was letting loose, the DJs were on fire and the bar was more alive than ever before. 

A Thrilling Main Performance

The main event was a jaw-dropping performance by none other than DJs Da Mike and Raise.

These two legends brought down the house with their pumping basslines and mind-blowing drops. The energy was infectious, and our guests were loving every minute of it.

The party was so intense that even the Bar Du Soleil walls were shaking, and our creatures were dancing along with our guests.

The night was filled with non-stop dancing. The Bar was packed with a lively and diverse crowd, all brought together by their love for house music. The atmosphere was simply legendary, and the excitement was unmistakable.

The cocktails were flowing around and our fashionable ravers had the time of their lives.

A Pure Bar Du Soleil Experience

If you were lucky enough to be there, then you know that this event was one of the most exciting happenings in Limassol. 

With a line-up like this, there was no way it was going to be anything less than amazing. The music was excellent, the DJs were on fire, and the energy was through the roof.

In short, the top house music event in Cyprus just went down, and it was a wild success.

Thanks to DJ Tania, DJ Repitt, DJ Synthbeat, Da Mike, and Raise for bringing their A-game and making this a night to remember.

Special thanks go out to Second Story Events – of course – for creating with us an amazing night and a truly unforgettable experience.

Are you craving more? Then stay tuned with our calendar or keep an eye out via our socials.

As the summer season draws nearer, bigger events are coming!

In the meantime, see you at Limassol’s best bar!