In early December, our bar launched one of its most exciting menus yet! According to Limassol news, Bar Du Soleil is “ranked amongst the most exciting places to be in Limassol” and the new menu just reinforces that statement.

The new menu has got the entire island talking about it with multiple press releases and blogs on some of Cyprus’s most famous websites! Are you wondering what they say? Find out here!

With a strong character and unique elements, our bar can host any mood and just about any occasion, and the new Bar Du Soleil menu never fails to satisfy your every craving. 

We just love a good party, but you know what we love even more?

Exceptional food!

With that being said, let us show you just some of the reasons why everyone is talking about the Bar Du Soleil menu these days!

The All Day Menu

If you’ve already come to the Bar, chances are that you already checked out our delicious All Day menu

These wonderful dishes are available from 10 AM until late!

Have you tried them all? No? Let’s dive right into it then!

The Salads

The famous salads of Bar Du Soleil Limassol

Greens and raw veggies are superb sources of natural fiber, our 2 Michelin Star Chef Angelos Lantos knows this well. That is exactly why he has prepared some of the most delicious and healthy salads on the menu!

Red and yellow beetroot, watermelon radish, turnip, and jalapeño dressing are what characterize the Roots Salad.

Mixed greens, Parmesan flakes, and juicy chicken are just some of the ingredients of the Mango Caesar’s Salad! It is simply *Chef’s kiss*.

Last but equally delicious is the Green Salad. You might think “oh I know what’s in this one” but the Bar Du Soleil menu is simply full of surprises! In our Green Salad, you can taste a hint of freshness, combined with the squishiness of our select choice of cherry tomatoes which makes it the perfect healthy meal option.

Topped with a balsamic dressing that leaves you with a sweet yet peculiar aftertaste. And the star of the show? The fried goat cheese balls create the ultimate salad experience!

Simply stunning!

The Buns

The delicious Bao Buns of the new menu

Thanks to their cloud-like texture, handheld size, and versatile fillings, these beloved buns are starting to pop up everywhere! Flat, folded, and oh-so-fluffy, bao buns are the perfect complement to just about any kind of filling.

As the bao bun has become more popular worldwide, the fillings have become much more diverse. Angelos Lantos, the creator of the new Bar Du Soleil menu, has taken this fact to a whole new level! 

Firstly, we have the traditionally wonderful Pork Belly Bao Bun. Stuffed with yogurt, pickled cucumber, and pork belly – duh – we promise you can eat a dozen of those in one sitting. 

Yes! They are THAT delicious, and you must try them out ASAP!

Then, we have the Soft Shell Bao Bun. This one is a bit more special, as the name suggests. Filled with Chinese cabbage, wasabi, and chili garlic mayonnaise, this bao bun is made for those who truly love strong flavors.

We dare you to try them!

The Pinsas

So, what exactly is a pinsa? First things first, let’s clear up an important detail. It’s pronounced “peen-sa” and not “peet-suh”.

Pinsa is an Italian delicacy of hand-pressed pizza. As you will notice – when you come to the bar – a pinsa has a different shape than your traditional pizza. But aesthetics are not the only difference. The pinsa dough is made from specific ingredients that make it a much healthier alternative to the pizza we all know. 

So now you can enjoy the deliciousness of a pizza just…healthier!

Now that you know what a pinsa is, how about finding your favorite one? 

The toppings of our Sobrasada Pinsa include fluffy mozzarella, arugula, and tomato sauce. Sometimes the simplest foods are the best ones.

Next on the menu is our Tsamarella Pinsa. Oh, this one is definitely interesting! While it has the classic base of tomato sauce, it is topped off with the most loved cheese on the island – Halloumi. Who doesn’t love some delicious Cypriot Halloumi, right?

Another magnificent pinsa to try out is the Margherita Pinsa. We know it, you know it, and everyone knows about this famous combination, but have you tried the new and elevated flavors of this pinsa?

We left for last the jewel of the pinsas which is none other than the Jamon and Truffle Oil Pinsa. With tasteful mozzarella cheese, this pinsa is topped off with arugula, jamon, and the famous truffle oil.

Time to take a bite off of each pinsa and tell us which one you like best!

Then Something Sweet 

The incredible churros. The ultimate treat of Bar Du Soleil

Desserts are, at their core, an indulgence. Yet, sometimes all you need is to eat your favorite dessert. 

Bar Du Soleil and 2 Michelin Star Chef Angelos Lantos have brought to you a snack that once you taste it, you will never stop craving it. 

The dessert’s name? Churros! Our Churros are served with a hazelnut praline with strawberry chunks dip. We promise after this one you will be ordering more!

That “something sweet” is just the cherry on top after a delicious meal, right? 

The Lunch & Dinner Menu

The Sushi(s)

Sushi is one of the most popular cuisines in the world for a reason – it’s absolutely delicious!

Sushi is all about fresh ingredients. The ingredients used are always very fresh, and the rice is made with specially selected water to give it the perfect flavor and texture. 

Eating sushi is a great way to try new flavors. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating different rolls, so you can explore new combinations of flavors and textures every time you eat sushi.

Some of the favorite sushi combinations on the Bar Du Soleil menu are the Shrimp Tempura, the Tuna Avocado, the California Crab, and the Greek Smoked Eel. If you love these combinations as well, our Sushi Platter will be the perfect choice for you and your friends!

For our vegan and vegetarian friends, we have something prepared for you as well! With shimeji mushrooms, cucumber and avocado, the Vegan Roll will become your new favorite. 

The Everything Else On The Menu

The perfect dishes to share at Bar Du Soleil

You would think that the new menu ends here. Fortunately, we have a few dishes up our sleeve to surprise you with!

There is one more section of dishes that our non-sushi-eaters will completely love!

Starting with the Prime Beef Fillet Tartare Tostada dish with truffle oil and Parmesan amongst other ingredients, your palette will thank you for grabbing a bite of this delicious masterpiece. 

Next on the list would be of course the Tuna Tartare Bruschetta with ponzu and Guacamole, and it is as delicious as it sounds!

Additionally, on the New Bar Du Soleil Menu, you will find a delightful Bruschetta dish, Chicken Skewers with the amazing yellow anticuchos sauce, and Prime Oyster Blade Beef Skewers with red anticuchos sauce.

In the Bar Du Soleil menu, not only will you find some of the most delicious Shrimp and Pork Gyoza, but also the most crunchy Corn Rocks Tempura with black pepper sauce.

As if all these dishes weren’t delicious enough, on the menu, we have a small surprise for our burger fans! With pickled ginger and each with different sauces, our 3 Mini USDA Prime Brisket Beef Burgers. 

Then Another Something Sweet

The incredible Baklava

The last dish and most delicious of all is none other than our famous Baklava dessert. Our famous Bar Du Soleil Baklava has a new image, while some new ingredients have been added.

The caramelized pastry sheet just breaks in your mouth, giving you that incredibly sweet taste, while the crunchy pistachios and the cinnamon ice cream melt into your mouth.

Our Baklava is the perfect end to an amazing night out and of course to an even more incredible meal!

Take a Bar Du Soleil Bite

A bite of the freshest salad of Bar Du Soleil

A brand new Bar Du Soleil menu comes with a brand new Bar Du Soleil experience.

Collaborating with the 2 Michelin Star Chef Angelos Lantos has been an amazing experience for both us as a team, and – of course – your palette! Having created a well-rounded and broad collection of tasteful dishes, we can assure you we are more than excited to share everything with you!

Our All Day menu has been designed to give you a generous bite with a light feel. While everything is set to be shared with your friends, you can also enjoy some of our most delightful dishes for yourself!

Moving on to the Lunch and Dinner menu, where – similarly to the All Day menu – all dishes are meant to be enjoyed by all of you, you can find your favorite new sushi selection! By providing you with numerous sushi types to choose from, we fulfill all your preferences. Our sushi might be the star of the show, but the Bar Du Soleil menu is full of surprises for you to discover and enjoy!

For those of you who already tasted the menu, let us know your thoughts by leaving a Google Review here.

Those of you who haven’t got the chance to taste the menu, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see you!

So, reserve your table here and let’s meet at the bar.