Found in the heart of Limassol, Bar Du Soleil has won the very first place among all top bars in Limassol. So, if you’re wondering where to go in Limassol, remember that Limassol’s nightlife always starts at our glamorous bar!

The Bar Du Soleil’s menu has been winning the impressions of both locals and foreigners that enjoy the stunning sea views with our most exotic cocktails. Known for its glorious cocktails, the bar succeeds in providing exceptional service to the most demanding guests.

Find your Signature cocktail at Bar Du Soleil in Limassol!

Find Your Favorite Flavor

Bad Habits

Are you coming to test our famously delicious Bad Habits cocktail?

We make an earthy cocktail rich in flavor with spice and sweet notes that you won’t find at any other Limassol bars. We combine this with peach bitters and a dash of pineapple soda for added sweetness. This unique cocktail is made with tequila and citrus-based Yuzu liqueur originated in Japan.

Come over with your friends and discover your new Bad Habits!

Mediterranean Touch

Mediterranean Touch takes you on a trip to the Mediterranean Sea, where waves tickle your ears and make you drink to the last drop!

The famous Mastiha liqueur inspires this earthy sweet and sour drink, a handcrafted Greek spirit manufactured on the Greek island of Chios. We top it with Three Cents Gentleman’s soda and add fresh lemon, sugar, and rhubarb bitters for the ideal Mediterranean Touch!

Have you ever had a cocktail like this before?!

South 8

South 8 is our guests’ favorite!

Just a sip of this cocktail will transcend your senses and take you on a tropical journey where every day is summer!

This signature beverage is a fruity, tropically balanced drink made with vodka. We combine Aperol, fresh lemon, passion fruit purée, and pineapple juice, and then top it off with cherry soda. This is the perfect balance of sweet and sour and fruitiness.

Tasting this one will have you craving for more!

Gin Basil Mule

Are you thinking about gin and ginger beer? Yeah, same here!

Gin Basil Mule is a refreshing cocktail made with fresh lemon, sugar, orange liqueur, and basil leaves. We make a refreshing taste by adding ginger beer for extra fruitiness.

The delicious ginger beer gives a sense of an exotic cocktail that makes you feel you’re traveling to places like Jamaica! How wonderful it is, to have Gin Basil Mule and collect all these amazing feelings of exotic destinations, right? Have it a try!

The perfect way to start a fun evening at Bar Du Soleil in Limassol!

Soleil De Mer

This is one of the most refreshing cocktails for your unforgettable nights at our peculiar Bar!

This is one of the best cocktails you can have in Cyprus! It’s refreshing, fruity, and tropical! The Soleil De Mer cocktail is composed of vodka, fresh raspberries, and fresh lemon. With the addition of pink grapefruit soda, we have a delicious, earthy, sweet, and sour drink that can only be found at Bar Du Soleil in Limassol!

Don’t be shy, join us for a Soleil De Mer, tonight!

Greek Julep

Local or not, the Greek Julep will make you rediscover your inner self!

A great cocktail for everyone, made with Greek brandy-based spirits and whiskey, ginger purée, and fresh lemon! We add ginger beer to make it more exotic, and voilà, a beautifully poured Greek Julep! This exceptional cocktail is created specifically for those who prefer their drinks to be extra strong, extra spicy, and extra sour!

If you like something strong and traditional, then this drink is for you!


This expertly crafted drink is all about grace, with sweet and sour accents to whisk you away on a flavorful adventure!

With our Signature cocktail Elegance, we ensure that you will have a wonderful cocktail experience. With gin as its base, topped with prosecco and pink grapefruit soda this cocktail is as tasteful as they come. We combine lemon juice, strawberry purée, pineapple juice, cranberry bitters, and fresh raspberries to create a cocktail that no other Limassol bar can serve!

This cocktail is fizzy and delicious, and it is easy to drink again and again!

Tiki Toko

Have you ever tasted our legendary Tiki Toko?!

Tiki Toko is served in a tiki glass, one of the most exciting and unusual glasses at Bar Du Soleil. This drink revolutionizes the way our guests see our cocktails! Because of the combination of aged and white rums, this beverage is full of mouthwatering flavors.

With the addition of mango purée, fresh lemon juice, passion fruit, and pineapple juice, we have created a spectacular result that you can only find at Bar Du Soleil in Limassol.

The flavor combinations of strong, sweet, sour, and fruity, make this cocktail an excellent choice for your special moments!

8 Signatures but only 1 Bar Du Soleil Experience

Are you searching for somewhere great to celebrate your special occasion? Or are you looking for tonight’s place to meet with friends? Then it’s time to stop! Bar Du Soleil – one of the best bars in Limassol – is more than happy to host you and your friends!

Enjoy the vibrant rhythms of the music while drinking one of the Signature 8 that fits your mood best! 

Don’t forget to take a tour of our bar and discover our peculiar interior design as well as meet the infamous Bar Du Soleil creatures!

Reserve online, come, explore, and discover the most unique flavors in town!

Au revoir at the bar!