In late April, the Food and Life in Cyprus (FLIC) organization infused a contemporary philosophy and a new perspective on recognizing the finest bars and their skilled maestros in Cyprus.

It was truly a momentous celebration of the art of bartending on our island. Our Bar Du Soleil team is proud to be a part of this new tradition and honored about being presented with the Award of the Bar with a Funky Character. 

The Funky Bar Award is a testament to our team’s commitment to delivering an extraordinary experience every single night. 

FLIC – Food and Life in Cyprus

The FLIC is an institution that recognizes excellence in the hospitality industry in Cyprus.

The awards ceremony was attended by industry leaders, owners, mixologists, and other fellow hospitality professionals from across the island.

The purpose of the ceremony was to recognize the best of the best. Winning an award at the FLIC is an achievement that honors the hard work and dedication of the entire team at Bar Du Soleil.

The Event

The Cypriot bar scene came alive at the OPUS events venue in Limassol.

Enthusiasts, professionals and influencers gathered to answer the institution’s call and support the FLIC initiative in showcasing the best bars on the island for the year 2023. 

The guests made their way into the space with their vibrant energy. Everyone was chatting about the awards, and sharing industry news while eagerly anticipating the festivities. The crowd was entertained by the live music performance that set the tone for the night ahead.

As the evening unfolded, the founder of the FLIC journalistic site and the driving force behind the institution, Dionysis Koukis, took the stage. In his speech, he emphasized the significance of the event in promoting and empowering the flourishing Cypriot bar scene. 

The Funky Bar Award

That night, Bar Du Soleil was recognized as the Bar with a Funky Character, solidifying the peculiarity our bar if famous for. 

Our bar management is simply beyond excited to receive such an honor. The team said it best: 

We are delighted to receive this recognition from the FLIC Institute. We are proud of the hard work and dedication our team puts in every day.

Delivering exceptional service and unforgettable experiences to our customers is what we do and receiving such an award is simply amazing. We are proud to be a part of the vibrant hospitality scene in Limassol and look forward to continuing to set new standards in the industry.” 

Bar Du Soleil has been a staple in the Limassol hospitality scene. Our bar is known for its innovative cocktails, international cuisine, and – of course the now award-winning – funky ambiance.

Bar Du Soleil has also been featured in various publications, including All About Limassol, Check-In Cyprus, and Wizz Guide amongst others. Our services also received glowing reviews from customers, who have praised its exceptional service, delicious food, and unique atmosphere.

See You At The Bar

The Cyprus hospitality scene was buzzing with excitement as the FLIC institution recognized the finest bars and their talented bartenders.

Many of the city’s most beloved establishments have been awarded the Golden Palm commendation, while special awards were given in another three categories. These were: The Bar with a Funky Character, the Newcomer Bar, and the Award for the overall offer in the Cyprus bartending scene.

Bar Du Soleil got to take home the Award of the Bar with a Funky Character and celebrated the team’s unwavering commitment to its guests.

A big thank you to everyone involved and everyone who worked with us to make this happen.

In the meantime, see you at the bar!