Summer in Cyprus is one of the most beautiful seasons on the island. Summer and great drinks go hand in hand here and Bar Du Soleil – one of the top Limassol bars is ready to welcome you!

The summertime on the island means beach days, water sports, and of course, endless cocktails by the sea in one of the top bars in Limassol, Bar Du Soleil. Stunning views of the old port, the sun shining on your face while the breeze takes your breath away!

Cyprus and especially Limassol bars truly come to life, where foreigners and locals are always looking for something new and unique. Just relax, take a sip of your delicious cocktail with your friends, and enjoy the vibrant, yet peculiar atmosphere of our bar.

With that “OH LA LA” feeling, Limassol nightlife is re-born at Bar Du Soleil, one of the most visited spots in town, featuring delicious and specially crafted summer signature cocktails.

Summer Doesn’t Cool Down without our Ultimate Cocktails!

Bad Habits

Bar Du Soleil Limassol

This exotic cocktail is based on a tequila touch with Yuzu liqueur. Yuzu is a liqueur that originated from citrus and grew in Japan.

Mixing this with peach bitters and a touch of pineapple soda to add the extra sweetness, we create an earthy cocktail full of taste with spice and sweet notes for the perfect cocktail flavor you won’t find in any other Limassol bars!

Come over with your friends and taste our amazing Bad Habits signature cocktail!

Mediterranean Touch

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As the name suggests, Mediterranean Touch takes you on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea where waves tickle your ears and present in front of your eyes a world where dreams come true!

This earthy sweet and sour cocktail is based on the famous Mastiha liqueur, the Greek homemade spirit made on the island of Chios. Combining it with fresh lemon, sugar, and rhubarb bitters, we top up with Three Cents Gentleman’s soda and we have the perfect Mediterranean touch! 

South 8

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One of the people’s favorite, South 8 comes to wave oceans and make your drink until the last drop! This signature cocktail is a tropically balanced fruity drink based on vodka. We mix it with Aperol, fresh lemon, passion fruit purée, and pineapple juice then we top up with cherry soda.

This is the ultimate combination of sweet and sour with hints of Fruitiness. Every cocktail at Bar Du Soleil combines a beautiful appearance and high-quality ingredients. 

Gin Basil Mule

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Gin, who doesn’t love it? Gin is one of the best spirits to take out all stress you carry on your body.

Gin is made mostly from grain and malt then blended with Juniper berries. Gin Basil Mule is a delicious cocktail consisting of fresh lemon, sugar, orange liqueur, and fresh basil leaves. Topping it up with ginger beer for more fruitiness, we create a refreshing character.

The perfect opening to a lively evening at one of your best Limassol bars!

Soleil Der Mer

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Refreshing, fruity, and tropical, this is the ultimate summer cocktail you deserve this long and hot summer in Cyprus!

Soleil Der Mer is a sensational cocktail, made with vodka, fresh raspberries, and fresh lemon. Topping up with pink grapefruit soda, we have a fruity, earthy, and sweet and sour cocktail you can only find at Bar du Soleil!

This is one of the most refreshing cocktails for your amazing summer nights out! Soleil Der Mer has become one of the guests’ favorite cocktails!

Greek Julep

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If you’re up for something stronger and more traditional, then Greek Julep is the best cocktail for you!

Greek brandy-based spirits and whiskey blended with ginger purée, and fresh lemon makes a delicious cocktail choice for everyone! We top it up with ginger beer for a more exotic experience and then voilà, beautifully served Greek Julep!

This extraordinary drink is made especially for guests desiring extra strong, extra spicy, and extra sour tastes! 


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This carefully made cocktail is all about grace, featuring sweet and sour touches to take you far away on a journey full of taste!

With a refreshing cocktail experience, based on gin, we create Elegance, topped up with prosecco and pink grapefruit soda. We add lemon juice, strawberry purée, pineapple juice, cranberry bitters, and fresh raspberries to give you the finest cocktail that not all Limassol bars can serve you!

Fizzy and fruity, this is a cocktail you can drink easily again and again! 

Tiki Toko

Bar Du Soleil Signature Cocktails

Served in a tiki glass, one of the most fun and peculiar glasses of Bar Du Soleil, Tiki Toko revolutionizes the way our guests see our cocktails and can satisfy the taste of even the most discerning guests!

This delicious cocktail brings out exotic tastes due to the mix of aged and white rums. Adding fruity mango purée, fresh lemon juice, passion fruit, and pineapple juice, we have a magical result you can only experience at Bar du Soleil.

The wonderful combinations of strong, sweet and sour, and fruity flavors, make this cocktail an amazing choice for your special occasions under the sun!

See you at The Bar!

Are you thinking about where to go in Limassol? So many bars in Limassol to choose from, but why not go to the best? Popular for its mouthwatering cocktails, Bar Du Soleil succeeds in delivering exceptional service to everyone!

Unlike other cocktail bars in Limassol, Bar Du Soleil has a peculiarly unique atmosphere where locals as much as tourists experience the lively bar’s rhythms as the night unfolds.

With the wonderful Bar Du Soleil menu and perfectly stylized dishes for any taste, we contribute to an unforgettable experience!

Are you ready to experience that “Oh La La” feeling?! Take a seat at one of our stunning sea view tables and have your endless cocktails in Limassol’s top bar, Bar Du Soleil! Have deliciously made food at the bar, and that’s everything you need this summer in Cyprus!

Come by, and let us treat you to one of our delicious Signature Cocktails! Reserve your table online, and let’s meet at the bar!