Beaches, iced coffees, partying outside, and the ultimate new cocktail list of Bar Du Soleil in Limassol. 

These are just some of the many things we have been looking forward to for the past few months.

We’ve been waiting to get rid of sweaters and coats so we can enjoy the Cyprus weather and experience the Limassol nightlife in the spring and summer months like never before. 

Of all the seasons in the year, this one gives us the most freedom. With the sun beaming, there’s no better place to be than the outdoors.

The ultimate setting? Chilling by the sea, chatting with your friends and cocktailing at Limassol’s hotspot; Bar Du Soleil

Chill By The Sea

Living on a Mediterranean island with palm-fringed trees is everyone’s dream, isn’t it?

Imagine sipping the signatures of the Bar Du Soleil new menu by the sea and chill music in your ears highlighted by the sound of waves – all add to the summer vibes of one of the most famous cocktail bars in Limassol.  

A bar that is famous for its peculiar interior. An interior so well designed, that is dangerously addictive. Bar Du Soleil doesn’t just host guests but also hosts secrets amongst friends, travel plans, afternoon business talks and love stories.

Bar Du Soleil in Limassol is a bar that amplifies experiences and highlights your every moment with its welcoming environment.

During the summer months our bar puts its best summer outfit on, so you can enjoy every moment even more vividly.

With music that follows the rhythm of your heart, one of the greatest bars in Limassol, Bar Du Soleil, is preparing for you a phenomenal summer season ahead. 

Chat With Your Friends

Friends; what would we do without them – and sometimes with them.

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, but the real game-changers are the ones which expand your horizons in the best way possible.

Sure, book and film recommendations are great, but let’s be real – nothing beats the friends who introduce you to Limassol’s best bars!

The bond you create with them through these unforgettable experiences is truly phenomenal and if you’re lucky enough, it lasts a lifetime. 

As the summer weather is rolling in, the possibilities of creating new and exciting memories with your (RIGHT) friends are truly endless. So, let’s raise a Bar Du Soleil cocktail to them because let’s face it, they’re the real deal.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring them to our bar. We would love to meet them!

Enjoy Your Cocktail

Imagine yourself sitting in front of the Mediterranean sea and while the sun is setting on the water and slowly the night sets in, you take a sip of your delicious cocktail at Bar Du Soleil in Limassol. 

As the warmer weather and flowery months are slowly nesting on our island, our team here at Bar Du Soleil in Limassol is beyond excited to share with you our new signature cocktail list!

Crafted to perfection and served with love, these cocktails are simply everything you’ll ever need this year!

With 12 tasteful options to choose from, our new signature cocktail menu is sure to have something you will truly get obsessed with. 

From the sexy and sweet “Candy Cloud” to the indulgently refreshing “Greek Spritz”, our experts are not just mixologists but undercover wizards straight from Hogwarts. 

Bar Du Soleil in Limassol – The Ultimate Spot

Summertime in Cyprus means only one thing – bottomless cocktails in Limassol, by the sea – obviously – at one of the best cocktail bars in Cyprus, Bar Du Soleil.

Stunning views of the Old Port Limassol, the sun shining on your face while the breeze takes your breath away!

So, as the weather gets warmer you know it’s time to take a break, chill at the bar, chat with your friends and enjoy the most magical signature cocktails Bar Du Soleil offers. 

And just like that, the famous “OH LA LA” Bar Du Soleil feeling is re-born. 

See you at the bar!