Cyprus, what a beautiful island isn’t it? Especially during the summertime, when the entire island welcomes foreigners coming for vacations. As the birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus has been said to be the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

Cyprus is as attractive as Aphrodite herself is rumored to be, and yet one city seems to stand out from the others. Limassol, the most loved city on the whole island, is well known for its rich nightlife, vibrant lifestyle, hospitable people, and – of course – for having the best bars! 

Discover with us the Top Bars in Limassol for Summer 2022!

1. Bar Du Soleil

Top Bars Limassol Bar Du Soleil

Perhaps the most exceptional bar, Bar Du Soleil is one of the top bars in Limassol. The bar welcomes friends, strangers, locals, and foreigners to enjoy the stunning sea views at any hour of the day with of course the most exotic cocktails.

Designed and decorated with one-of-a-kind accessories and the most fashionable seating arrangements, the bar is located in the heart of Limassol; the Old Port. Bar Du Soleil features an ever-changing Signature Cocktail menu, perfectly stylized dishes for any taste, and a regularly updated menu that surprises its guests every time, contributing to the exceptional Bar Du Soleil experience!

Bar Du Soleil has become one of the most visited spots in town thanks to the amazing atmosphere, that “OH LA LA” feeling, and the summer events that the bar organizes for everyone to enjoy. Locals and tourists can reserve online and experience the lively bar’s rhythms, enjoying their after-work cocktails and delicious food as the night unfolds.

2. Columbia Beach

Columbia Beach Limassol
Photo By All About Limassol

Among the best beach bars in Limassol, we find an open space at the tip of the beach, with cozy loungers for hours of pleasant enjoyment. The grass area at Columbia Beach provides a calm environment and a prestigious experience to anyone looking for a location exclusively for them and their guests close by the sea.

From daily events that appear to emerge from the sea at just the right time to sounds made for dancing, to dark nights that turn bright with fireworks, and to countless bottles of champagne!

3. Madame

Madame Bar Limassol
Photo By All About Limassol

Madame has made an impression as a warm yet trendy bar, serving creative appetizers and cocktails. As for the looks of the bar, you can see for yourself the mesmerizing work Madame has done in the bar.

Popular for its delicious cocktails, the bar succeeds in delivering exceptional service to the most discerning clients. The cocktails combine a stunning appearance and a high-quality ingredients experience.

4. Library Bar

Library Bar Limassol
Photo by Library Bar

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate your birthday or your promotion at work, the Library bar wins its place fairly among the top bars in Limassol! The staff at the bar experience ongoing training opportunities and that’s why Library bar’s cocktails are amongst the top!

As for the atmosphere, guests couldn’t ask for a better summer bar as the bar’s garden is a stunning little place that welcomes everyone. Create memorable experiences in a fine dining atmosphere like this by celebrating with friends and family.

5. Rumours Bar

Rumours Bar Limassol
Photo by Rumours Bar

Far from the new bars in Limassol, we are heading to Rumours, the bar that acquired a reputation as one of the top bars in Limassol since opening its doors back in the 2000s. Rumours bar, located in Limassol’s tourist area, has formed a welcoming environment, providing a chilled-out atmosphere during the day and early evenings. 

Unlike other bars in Limassol, this cocktail bar comes alive at night as both resident and guest DJs rock the house with their incredible music and rhythms. Rumours, combines an intimate vibe with a fun-filled setting, and first-class service.

Limassol Old Town, Old Port, or Tourist Area?

So, which bar suits you best? Bars in Limassol Old Town have completely different vibes, especially if you are walking down the cobblestone streets to reach colorful tiny bars and have a pint of beer or a tasty cocktail or head to a rooftop bar to admire views of our incredible city.

Still, Bar du Soleil reasonably wins first place on the list, thanks to its stylish decoration, the summer activities that are being organized, mouthwatering signature cocktails, and deliciously made food. Filled with surprises and top-notch offerings, the bar has become one of the most beloved places for locals and foreigners alike.

Up for a morning coffee? Bar du Soleil is the answer. Do you fancy brunch or lunch? At Bar Du Soleil you’ll find the most exciting dishes. Are you perhaps looking for an excuse to go out with your friends? Then Bar Du Soleil is the place to be! The casual atmosphere and the astonishing sea views make the bar the most suitable site to relax. Live your best moments at all times on any occasion in your life, all you need to do first is reserve!

Are you ready to experience that “Oh La La” feeling?!